Josef Podstata, Festival Director

26. září 2016

Since 2013, Josef Podstata has been the director of the regional stations Czech Radio Olomouc and Czech Radio Ostrava. He is a medical faculty graduate with a background in management. As a student, he used to organise cultural events that were prohibited by the regime. For five years, he worked as a doctor at the Nuclear Medicine Clinic in Olomouc. In early 1990s, he founded a commercial radio station and an arts agency.

He worked as a director at Hanácké noviny daily, and was appointed the Chairman of the Board at Moravskoslezský den daily. For four years prior to joining Czech Radio, Josef Podstata held the position of the director of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

“I am happy to see the 2016 edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio international showcase of radio programmes and genres for the first time in Olomouc – an ancient university town and the seat of the archbishopric, Moravia’s historical metropolis and the second largest site for historical monuments in the Czech Republic, and also a dynamically developing centre of the Olomouc Region.”

“Owing to its atmosphere, historical sites and convenient location, Olomouc is a sought-out conference and festival city. I believe that the relocation of Prix Bohemia Radio to this city will further enhance the prestige and collaboration of all the participating partners – Czech Radio, Palacký University and the Statutory City of Olomouc, at the same time boosting the reputation of the festival itself.”

“I hope that the 32nd edition of the international competition festival, Prix Bohemia Radio 2016, brings even more unprecedented experiences in the form of competition audio features as well as additional programmes, and, above all, pleasant meetings with radio creators and producers. And I would like to invite you all to the upcoming festival editions held in Olomouc, newly scheduled for spring.”

Josef Podstata
Director of Prix Bohemia Radio 2016

author: nwe
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