26. únor 2020

Frequently asked questions about Prix Bohemia Radio or practical information for participants.

I want to listen to works at Prix Bohemia Radio, what do I have to do?

First, you need to get accredited on the festival’s web pages or in the application. After arriving at the festival, go to the Accreditation Centre and submit the confirmation with the QR code that we e-mailed to you after you filled out the form. You will receive an accreditation card with a special festival bag from us.

Is the festival accreditation mandatory? And how much does it cost?

Accreditation is absolutely free and it is required for participation in the festival listening sessions of the competing works. The festival also offers workshops, debates, concerts and theatre performances. Most of the accompanying programme is absolutely free, but always verify the information in the festival programme.

Where can I find the Accreditation Centre?

The accreditation center is located on the ground floor of Palacký University’s Konvikt Art Center at Univerzitní 3.

What happens if I lose my accreditation card?

Absolutely nothing. Come to see us in the Accreditation Centre and we will prepare a new accreditation card for you.

Do I also need accreditation for the festival’s accompanying festival?

You do not. It is, however, necessary to register or arrange tickets for some events in advance. You can find the conditions for entry in the festival programme.

What works can I listen to? Where can I find a detailed listening programme for the day?

You can find the documentaries, dramas, news reports and podcasts that advanced to the main competition on the web pages, where you will find basic information on each of the competing works. In the case of documentaries and dramas, you can also listen to short excerpts.

You can find the listening programme for the day, with the listening order and the times for the debates on the doors of the hall, in the Accreditation Centre and on the web pages.

Can I enter the hall after the listening has begun?

Yes, but please be considerate towards the other listeners. Choose the pauses that we regularly place between the listening sessions and the debates for entering and exiting the hall. You can find a detailed listening programme for the day on the doors of the hall, in the Accreditation Centre and on the web pages.

Can I take my own food and drinks to the festival listening sessions?

The consumption of drinks and food is prohibited in the Theatre and Film Hall. You can enjoy refreshments during the pauses between the individual competition works and debates. Some small refreshments are prepared outside the halls for festival visitors, where they can find water, tea or coffee.

Does the festival take place in other places in Olomouc?

The central site for listing to all categories of radio work is the Theatre and Film Hall in the Palacký University Arts Centre, just a few minutes on foot from Horní náměstí in Olomouc. The festival’s accompanying programme, however, takes place in several places in the centre of Olomouc, though do not forget to verify the exact place in the festival programme.

I want to learn more about Prix Bohemia Radio, where can I go?

You can follow the festival events on the web pages www.prixbohemiaradio.com. We will help you with anything you need at the Accreditation Centre, as well.

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