Looking back at 32nd Prix Bohemia Radio

12. prosinec 2016

The Prix Bohemia Radio international Radio Festival presented a documentary and dramatic production on Czech Radio. 2016 edition took place in Olomouc on October 3 to 5, in addition featuring a conference on the topic of children’s radio content, a seminar on investigative journalism and a rich accompanying programme. This time, Hana Maciuchová was granted the title of Honorary President.

The 32nd edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio 2016 international radio festival, October 3-5 in Olomouc, offered a rich programme targeted at professionals and the general public alike. The three festival days showcased various forms of radio production with the aim of engaging listeners of all age categories.

“The festival has entered an entirely new era of its existence. Following many editions held in Poděbrady and two Prague-based editions, the event traveled to Olomouc, a city that offers new venues, possibilities and, last but not least, a refreshing atmosphere and setting,“ said Czech Radio’s Director General René Zavoral.

Investigative Journalism as the Highlight of the Programme for Professionals

On Monday, October 3, a conference on “Children’s Programmes” hosting Czech and international guest speakers took place for the professional public. On the following day, Tuesday, October 4, the programme for professionals included audio sessions in the Drama category, an investigative journalism seminar with guests Janek Kroupa, Jana Klímová, Tom Nicholson and Marek Vagovič, wrapping up on Wednesday with the Documentary category.

“Radio has been a part of my life since early childhood. First a listener, I later took the opportunity to work as a radio actress. I am all the more pleased that the festival is coming to my region. I believe that it will attract attention not only among university students, but among the citizens of Olomouc in general. I am looking forward to professional discussions and visitors’ observations, and I believe that it will expand the reach of Czech Radio’s,” said Hana Maciuchová, the Honorary President of Prix Bohemia Radio.

Accompanying Festival Programme for All Age Categories

The festival’s accompanying programme offered a host of events held all over the city. Monday, October 3 started off with a discussion session with actress Hana Maciuchová in the large studio of the regional branch of Czech Radio Olomouc. At 8.00 pm, Radio Wave Live Session, open to the public, followed at the Jazz Tibet Club.

On Tuesday, October 4 the popular radio character, Big Ear, invited children and grown-ups alike to the Morning Programme with Radio Junior at Pevnost poznání (Fortress of Knowledge) and the evening programme featured the theatre performance Disreputable Houses in the Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

The festival finished with the presentation and official launch of a publication on the era of Charles IV at Czech Radio Olomouc on Olomouc’s Upper Square.

Throughout the festival, Czech Radio covered the events and kept our listeners up to date – not only on the regular nationwide and regional service, but also in the form of special shows broadcast right from the centre of the action – mobile R-stream studio on the Upper Square. The Radioservis publishing house introduced its diverse range of audio formats on CD.

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