The Winners of the Drama and Documentary Categories and Three Radio Legends Were Awarded

12. prosinec 2016

The winners of the drama and documentary categories received their awards at the Prix Bohemia Radio ceremony in the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc. First prizes were won by Zuza Ferencová, for her radio drama The Problem, and Jan Hanák, for his documentary Diptych, along with another, unexpected winner, Dominik Mačas, with his Explorer of Lost Beauty from the Good Will series. Director General of Czech Radio, René Zavoral, also gave special awards to three radio legends.

On the occasion of the 32nd Prix Bohemia Radio three winners in the festival’s main categories, Documentary and Drama, were announced.

In the finale of the Drama category, first place was taken by Zuza Ferenczová and her The Problem. Second place was taken by Petr Pýcha and his Dehtov Petrol Station and third by Eva Blechová and her Pro patria mori.

In the Documentary section, first place was taken by Jan Hanák and his Diptych and Dominik Mačas and his Good Will – Explorer of Lost Beauty. Due to the identical results of the two winners the jury of experts did not award second prize. Third prize was taken by Daniel Moravec and his Czechia to the Czechs – Hate Free.

“This year’s Prix Bohemia Radio included high-quality contributions in both categories. It showed the variety of radio production and offered a rich accompanying programme. I was happy to see that the festival attracted the public and was visited by hundreds of radio listeners, students and experts. Next year’s festival will be organised by Czech Radio in Olomouc as well and now I can already announce that its third category will be Reportage and it will be international,” says René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

Today, three important persons whose professional career has been connected with the radio received special awards. Director General of Czech Radio, René Zavoral, inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame the radio author and journalist, Josef Veselý, and the composer and lyricist, Jan Spálený, whose name is also closely connected with Czech Radio.

The Thalia Award for the best radio drama acting performance was received by actor Viktor Preiss for the part of Václav Talich in the play My Temporarily Occupied Country.

author: nwe
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