The international festival Prix Bohemia Radio will offer four days full of listening, debates, concerts and theater performances. We bring you practical information that you should know before you go to the festival.

Accreditation for visitors

Don’t miss the best radio documentaries, dramas, news reports, and podcasts. Hear them all at Prix Bohemia Radio 2023. This year’s international radio festival will be held in Olomouc on October 16–19. You can enjoy these four days full of listening, discussions, theater presentations, and workshops to your heart’s content – after a free accreditation.

The only way you can enjoy the radio documentaries, dramas, news reports, and podcasts that will be battling for the Prix Bohemia Radio awards is with a festival accreditation card. Precisely this card is what opens the door for you into a world of sounds and genres – which you’ll fill in with images using your imagination.

How Do You Become an Accredited Visitor?

First fill out the simple accreditation form. Then after arriving at the festival, go to the Accreditation Center and present the confirmation message (with a QR code) that was emailed to you after you filled out the form. In addition to detailed festival information, you’ll obtain an accreditation card along with a special festival bag. With your accreditation, you can then immediately head out and listen at the festival. Accreditation for Prix Bohemia Radio is completely free.