Category III - Jury

25. únor 2013

News programme

Martin Ondráček – jury chairman
He worked in Czechoslovakian Radio in years 1989 – 1993 as an editor and presenter, later in TV Premiéra, Radio Alfa and TV Prima. In years 1999 – 2012 he worked in TV Nova as a head of news, news chief editor deputy, and chief editor of news and director of news. Since 2012 he has been an adviser of a director general of Czech Radio.

Naděžda Petrová – jury member
As a journalist she has got experience in radio, television and press, she was an editor of newspapers MF Dnes. Over last 14 years she participated in development of internet news, at the beginning as an editor, later as a chief-editor deputy of As a chief editor of News Centre of Czech Radio she also experiences plenty of adrenalin activities.

Zdeněk Šámal – jury member
He worked for TV Nova as a chief editor of internet news, for TV Z1 as a director general and for TV Metropol as an adviser and programme director. In Czech Television he started working as an editor and presenter, later as a reporter in Russia and finally as a news chief editor. He left CT in the year 2000 and founded a Slovak news station TA3. In the year 2003 he returned to Czech Television and became a director of news and at the same time a successful news station CT24 was established. He stayed at the position till 2007. Zdeněk Šámal studied at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences. In the year 2009 he started studies of medieval archaeology at Charles University. He is an author of books Russian mafia and Objectives from Russia.

Jefim Fištejn – jury member
He studied journalism at the University in Moscow and philology at the University in Vienna. He is well-known for his long term working in the Radio Free Europe. He also worked for two years as a chief editor of newspapers Lidové noviny. He is an author of a lot of political articles, comments and cultural essays in Czech, Russian, German and English daily press, as well as several books and scripts of many documentary films. Since the 90s he has been working externally for the Czech Radio 2 – Praha. In the year 1995 he was awarded a prize Silver Quail of the Czech Literature Fund.

author: nwe
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