Category II - Jury

25. únor 2013

Radio play

Kristina Žantovská – jury chairman
She graduated from Academy of Music Arts, specialisation dramaturgy. Up to the year 1989 she worked as freelance, then she participated in publishing a lifestyle magazine UM, she was a co-founder of Czech Cultural and Information Centre in New York (1993 – 1995), she worked as an editor of a magazine Respect, she co-operated with Theatre Pod Palmonkou and Theatre Na Zábradlí and she was for four years a literary manager in Theatre Na Vinohradech. In years 2009 – 2011 she participated in development of new television formats and film production of Media ProPictures company. She worked in Czech Radio in years 2000-2008 as a head of News and Cultural Journalism Department. Currently she has been working as a chief editor of Production Centre of Czech Radio.

Petra Gavlasová – jury member
She studies at Academy of Music Arts (specialisation composition and direction) and focused on electro acoustic music during her stay in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Hilversum). She is a teacher at the English Secondary School in Prague and a music director. Her compositions were several times awarded at the Competition of Composers “Generation”. She was also awarded at the International Radio Competition Concerto Bohemia (1998). In the year 2003 she was awarded at the competition of electro acoustic music Musica Nova. Besides orchestra and chamber music she focuses on compositions combined with electronics, music for video art and sound design. She is a member of a composition association Hudbaby. She made three radioart compositions for Czech Radio, programme Radioacustica.

MgA. Ing. Ondřej Urban Ph.D. – jury member
He studied at Czech Technical University (specialisation Radio electronics), Academy of Music Arts (specialisation Sound production) and Jaroslav Ježek Conservatoire (specialisation Composition).In the year 2000 he worked as an external pedagogue at Academy of Music Arts (Sound production) and as a researcher in music acoustics. Currently he is a specialized assistant at Music Sound Department of Academy of Music Arts and a head of Sound studio. He is involved in sound and music recording direction for a CD, film, theatre and other sound forms (sound collage, jingle, radio spot etc.). He made many recordings of classical and pop music. He focuses mostly on composing electronic and electroacoustic music, both autonomic and applied. He is interested in piano and organ playing and improvising. He publishes in periodicals on sound signal digital processing.

Lukáš Trpišovský – jury member
He is known especially for abbreviation of tandem of directors SKUTR, founded along with Martin Kukučka. They started working together during their studies at Academy of Music Arts. Plays of SKUTR were performed in Archa Theatre and also at international festivals in Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, German, Rumania, Slovakia, China or South Korea. Their performances combine dancing, moves, acrobatics, puppet, projection, light design, text and sound, so in one word we could call it cross-over. They were awarded many prizes. Lukáš Trpišovský and Veronika Riedlbauchová started working in Czech Radio in a classical music department by broadcasting for children. Lukáš also made several audio books for Tympanum publisher. Over last four years he has been teaching directing and dramaturgy at Academy of Music Arts.

Janek Uhrin – jury member
He is a theatre director and dramaturge. In 80s, besides his theatre activities, he cooperated with different media, especially Czechoslovak and Czech Radio where he directed a big number of radio plays and other programmes. After he had finished working for private radios he started working again in Czech Radio as a dramaturge. Later he worked in Czech Television as a head of projects of Entertainment Department. Currently he is a television creative producer.

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