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25. únor 2013

Travelogue (international category)

Iveta Toušlová – jury chairman
She studied Czech language, literature and history at the South Bohemian University, Faculty of Pedagogy. She worked in Czech Radio – Radio Factor and as an editor of South Bohemian Papers. Since 1994 she has been working in Czech Television. He has presented evening news “Události” for 13 years. She is an editor of two programmes, Thirteenth Chamber and Wandering Camera. The programmes were also published and were awarded by many prizes. Recently she has been preparing a new documentary programme Back and Front Side.

Eliška Závodná – jury member
She studied Romanisation, comparative literature and theory of theatre (Czech Republic, France and Austria). After she had finished her studies she started working as an editor in Czech Radio. Since 1990 she has prepared and moderated a series of documentary programmes (History through Backside Stairs, Odyssey) and popularly educational 15minute-programmes called Encyclopaedia of Connections. Since 2008 she has been involved in preparation and producing programmes such as Vlatava Midday, Historical Club, Critical Club as well as some special editions such as European Year, Friday Evenings, Anniversary of the Week. She participates in preparation of special weekend editions. She translates from French (A. M. Delcambre, C. Maier) and German (J. Urzidil, A. Grün, P. Bichsel) languages. She was awarded at different international festivals.

Ľubomír Zeman – jury member
He graduated from the University of Philosophy, specialisation journalism. For many years he was working in Slovak Radio, he was a director of commercial television TVA. He was a founder and the first director of RADIO ROCK FM and a marketing director in Slovak Radio. . He is well-known as well as lyricist; he is an author of nearly 500 lyrics, some of which became hits. He travelled all around many countries as a journalist and musician; he took photos and wrote reportages for reputable newspapers and magazines. Currently he works for a travel magazine GEO. He also worked on radio programmes and television scenarios.

Jaroslav Skalický – jury member
He is an economic editor of Czech Radio 1 – Radiožurnal. He cooperated with Czech Television on a documentary cycle “Our Czech Character“, “Fatal Moments“ and “Perceptions from Elsewhere“. He is an author as well as reporter of a cycle “Trampled Projects“ and a book of the same title.

Miroslav Konvalina – jury member
Most of his professional life he spent in Czech Radio. In early 90s he worked as a news editor of Czechoslovakian Radio, later in a foreign department of Czech Radio. After he had finished his studies in the USA, he worked as a foreign reporter of politicians and a special reporter of important foreign events. He became a head of the foreign department and a permanent reporter in the USA. He finished his radio career as a director of Czech Radio 1 – Radiožurnal and Radio Česko. Currently he is a director of American Centre at the USA Embassy in Prague.

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