Why the Kitchen?

5. březen 2018

The play Why the Kitchen? by Austrian playwright Peter Handke feels like a stream of memories, thoughts, quotations, observations, and poetic images.

It´s an array of songs, recitatives, dialogues, and short stories, for which the author introduces no speakers, let alone characters. He thus gives the director almost endless possibilities of interpretation and approach. For Handke, the kitchen is a strange “intraspace,” in which the past and present, private and public, outer and inner worlds converge.

Through the author´s memories and imagination, his parents, his grandparents, and his children enter along with smells, tastes, and dreams. This abstract musical and poetic composition was made for this year´s Austrian year on the Vltava station.

Why the Kitchen?
Czech Republic | Author Peter Handke| Director Aleš Vrzák | Translation Zuzana Augustová

author: nwe
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