Prix Bohemia Radio Festival Dominated by Current Topics and Excellent Acting; Thálie Award for Best Performance in a Radio Play Goes to Helena Dvořáková

22. březen 2018

Prix Bohemia Radio, the international radio production festival, has its winners. At Thursday’s official awards ceremony of the 34th annual festival held at the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc, the jury, comprising experts in the field, announced its choice of the three best entries in each category. At the end of each day of listening sessions, a special Student Award, independent of the jury, was presented.

The broadcasts that advanced in the Documentary, News Report and Drama categories to the finals of this year’s Prix Bohemia Radio festival can be characterised by their strong, human-interest stories, current social topics, top-notch quality and, above all, highly creative approach. “The 34th Annual Prix Bohemia Radio Festival, which has taken place in Olomouc for the third time, is over now. I would like for this festival to remain in this university and historical city in the future and for it to continue to bring us more qualified broadcasting experts,” said the Director General of Czech Radio René Zavoral.

Slavnostní zakončení Prix Bohemia Radio v Arcibiskupském paláci v Olomouci

The international jury of experts selected the three best entries in each category:


  1. Berka se rozhodl zemřít (Berka Decides to Die); Author: Martina Pouchlá
  2. Praha v kostce (Prague in a Cobblestone); Author: Stanislav Abrahám
  3. Hlasy, které slyším (Voices in My Head); Author: Hana Sedláková

International News Report

  1. From Forest to Home – History of the Sherwood Homeless Community; Author: Anita Bak, MTVA, Hungary
  2. Fenomén malého fotbalu (Five-a-Side Football Phenomenon); Author: Jan Suchan, Český rozhlas, Czech Republic
  3. Dočasná policejní stanice (Temporary Police Station); Author: Tomáš Gerši, RTVS, Slovakia


  1. Spalovač mrtvol (The Cremator); Author: Ladislav Fuks; Adaptation: Lenka Veverková; Director: Aleš Vrzák
  2. Třináct (Thirteen); Author: Jaroslav Hejnic; Dramaturg: Lenka Veverková; Director: Martina Schlegelová
  3. Proč kuchyň? (Why the Kitchen?); Author: Peter Handke; Dramaturg: Renata Venclová; Director: Aleš Vrzák

The Thálie Award for the Best Acting Performance in a Radio Play was awarded by the jury of Actors’ Association Board to Helena Dvořáková for her role as Mrs Lemarchand in the drama Hilda.

At the end of each day of listening sessions, the student jury, independent of the main jury, announced their own winner. In the Documentary section, they awarded first place to Hana Sedláková for her Hlasy, které slyším (Voices in My Head). In the international News Report category, the Student Jury Award went to Jan Herget for his Zázraky medicíny – ARO (Miracles of Medicine – ARO.). In the Drama section, the students gave first place to Valentýnův první den na Zemi (Valentine’s First Day on Earth) by Klára Vlasáková.

author: bbu
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