Valentine´s First Day on Earth

5. březen 2018

An unusual tale about encountering death. The author received an honorable mention in the Prix Bohemia Author competition for her sensitive and children-friendly treatment of a powerful subject.

Twelve-year-old Valentine always thought that only old and sick people die. He could not be more surprised when his father tells him one day that he´ll have to take Eliška, a girl of his own age, to the other side. Valentine isn´t an ordinary boy, you see. His parents make sure that people on Earth leave at the right time and he must one day take over this difficult task, whether he likes it or not. The bored and constantly grumbling boy becomes someone who understands the meaning of his future profession.

Valentine´s First Day on Earth
Czech Republix | Author Klára Vlasáková | Director Petr Mančal

author: nwe
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