5. březen 2018

This authentic and lively play about teenagers grabs the listener´s attention mainly through its approach to storytelling. The play was awarded first place at the Prix Bohemia Radio Author 2016 competition in the original radio drama for children category.

“You don´t have to dance - all you have to do is be there!” says Pavel to his best friend Jirka, who doesn´t want to go to a school party. Both thirteen-year-olds have been waiting for this opportunity for over a year. It´s there that they could make out with a girl for the first time! They can´t miss a chance like that!

But how do you learn to kiss in just a few short daysso as to not embarrass yourself in front of your dream girl? And how do you convince your frightened parents that you should be able to go? These are the questions explored by the radio drama Thirteen.

Czech Republic | Author Jaroslav Hejnic | Director Martina Schlegelová

author: nwe
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