Prix Bohemia Radio 2023 is now open for submissions

17. únor 2023

The 39th annual Prix Bohemia Radio Festival has begun accepting submissions by the authors of radio works and podcasts. They may submit their works in the Drama, Documentary, and Podcast categories and in the News Reports international competition section until the 28th of this April.

The 39th year of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival will be held on October 16th–19th, 2023. The four competition categories—Documentary, Drama, News Reports and Podcast are open to regular podcasts and podcast channels in Czech that were published as audio over the internet from January 1st to December 31st of 2022.

Works cannot be submitted to several categories at once. However, a podcast channel or a series overall may be submitted in the Podcast category while a selected episode of that podcast, if it was also broadcast in its original, unreduced form as a radio broadcast, is also submitted in the corresponding category—Drama, Documentary, or News Report.

Submissions for Prix Bohemia Radio 2023

Authors may submit their works for the individual competition sections via the online form at the Prix Bohemia Radio website. They may do so to the 28th of April, 2023. Each category will be judged by its own international expert jury. To read the conditions for submitting competition entries to the individual categories, visit the festival website.

Before the main competition itself, the jury will make a preliminary selection from the submitted shows and will recommend works for the main competition. The jury will vote on the works in the main competition via secret ballot after listening to the works and watching the presentations. Three Prix Bohemia Radio main prizes will be awarded in each competition category.

Another year for the student jury

The Art Center of Palacký University will once again become the epicenter of events. Also to return is the student jury, which will be deciding on the recipients of the Student Prizes for all competition categories. Entries are eligible for these prizes regardless of whether they were preselected by the main jury.

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