The Radio Thalia Award was given to Jan Hájek and Jiří Anderle entered the Czech Radio Hall of Fame

18. říjen 2023

Prix Bohemia Radio, the traditional international radio competition organized by Czech Radio, kicked off on 16 October in Olomouc. The opening ceremony took place at the headquarters of the regional station Czech Radio Olomouc on Monday. Jan Hájek clinched the prestigious Thalia Radio Award for his portrayal of Jack in the play "Jack Kerouac: Big Sur," while Jiří Anderle was officially inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame by Czech Radio's Director General René Zavoral.

"It is my pleasure to invite Jiří Anderle, a distinguished painter and radio program creator, into the Czech Radio Hall of Fame as part of the 39th Prix Bohemia Radio Festival," said René Zavoral. He further commended Anderle's contribution to the art of radio, particularly citing his popular commemorative show "Love for Love", which was recorded within the confines of Aderle´s painting atelier. The series of narrations, stories and contemplations was created on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Czech Radio, to which he generously donated several hundred episodes of this original programme. I especially appreciate Mr. Anderle's masterful radio storytelling and his selfless love for radio.”

The gala evening, hosted by Jitka Novotná and featuring a musical performance by Bára Basiková, culminated in the awarding of the Radio Thalia to actor Jan Hájek for his portrayal of Jack in "Jack Kerouac: Big Sur." Adam Svozil, one of the directors of the drama, accepted the award on his behalf.

"This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Thalia Awards, and, in celebration of this milestone, we also placed special attention on the Radio Thalia category, which is the only non-theatrical Thalia presented. I think radio as spoken theatre, as radio dramas used to be called, has its firm place among these awards. I would like to express my gratitude to Czech Radio for their continuous collaboration," emphasized Ondřej Kepka, the President of the Actors' Association, during the award ceremony. 

Radio staging of the autobiographical

The radio rendition of Jack Kerouac's autobiographical novel provided a dark and introspective exploration into the soul of the renowned writer as he grappled with existential and creative crisis. Jan Hájek's portrayal of the central character in "Jack Kerouac: Big Sur" was notably impactful and true to the essence of the story. The adaptation was initially broadcast on Czech Radio Vltava in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's birth.

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