Prix Bohemia Radio 2022 will present a new competition category. The traditional three will be joined by Podcasts

4. březen 2022

In the upcoming year of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival, an entirely new category will be added for regular podcasts and podcast channels or series. This new Podcast section is open to all creators whose Czech podcasts have been published in audio form over the internet in the last year.

The new Podcast category at Prix Bohemia Radio 2022 will supplement three long-term categories: Documentary, Drama, and News Reports. It will replace Multimedia, which was part of the festival for three years.

Podcast submissions may be regular podcasts, podcast channels with at least ten published episodes, or finished podcast series with at least five published episodes that were published over the internet on January 1st through December 31st, 2021. The podcasts must be in Czech and must be available as audio (not video) for Czech audiences. The length of the podcasts is not restricted in any way.

Individual episodes of regular podcasts or series and individual radio plays, documentaries, or news reports cannot be submitted to the Podcast category. However, a podcast channel or a series overall may be submitted in the Podcast category while a selected episode of that podcast is also submitted in the corresponding category—Drama, Documentary, or News Report.

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