Esteemed visitors, dear broadcasters

7. říjen 2022

I’d like to welcome you to the 38th edition of Prix Bohemia Radio. The international festival of radio programming that you must hear will offer you four days of the best of radio programming and the unique atmosphere of the Haná capital. 

In addition to listening to competition works, as well as attending theatre performances and concerts, the festival will once again be a place that will offer many opportunities for interesting meetings, friendly debates and expert discussions. 

Traditionally, each individual day of Prix Bohemia Radio will belong to a single competition category. On Monday you can look forward to Documentaries, on Tuesday to the international section Reportage, on Wednesday to Drama and on Thursday to the new Podcast category, which responds to the significant interest in listening to and producing podcasts that we have seen in the Czech environment in recent years.

In cooperation with the Actors’ Association, the festival will include the Thalia Awards for the best performance in a radio play and, of course, the induction of a selected radio legend into the Hall of Fame.

I wish you all a pleasant time in the company of Czech Radio, its creative people, collaborators and guests. I believe that your time in Olomouc will be full of pleasant cultural experiences, a source of inspiration and enriching experiences.

René Zavoral

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