Pandora Papers - the hidden wealth of politicians

1. říjen 2022

In Greek mythology, the "Pandora's Box" contains just about everything you don't want. That's why Zeus had decreed that the thing had to stay closed: Who opened it then, right: the lady Pandora, out of curiosity. Seen in this light, it's quite a fitting name when a team of international journalists all talk about the "Pandora Papers" today. 

It's about 27 thousand letterbox companies. And it has been possible - thanks to this data leak and its evaluation - to uncover the background. And lo and behold: it's politicians, celebrities, the super-rich and criminals, all of whom behaved quite similarly badly to the vices that were supposed to remain in the box after all. Before we talk in detail about the contents and the whole scope of this research in a moment, NDR reporter Lena Gürtler summarises the results of an international research in which our reporters were also involved.

When: Tuesday 11th October 2022 | afternoon listening session 15:30

Where: Theatre hall, Arts Centre UP
Entrance: Free admission with accreditation

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: Pandora Papers - the hidden wealth of politicians
Original title: Pandora Papers - Wie Politiker ihr Vermögen verstecken
Author: Lena Gürtler and Benedikt Strunz
Length (in minutes): 4:15
Original language: German
Name of station which broadcast the program: Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) (Germany)

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