5. březen 2018

Madam Lemarchand needs a maid and a babysitter. That will be Hilda. But Madam Lemarchand also wants Hilda´s friendship, access to her entire life, and an illusion of equality.

How else can one bear being served? In this chilling, drastic grotesque, which escalates to absurdity, Madam Lemarchand obsessively wishes to possess the entire being of her maid, Hilda. With its dark humor, the play opens themes such as manipulation, control over the opinion of others, forcing one´s idea of happiness onto someone who isn´t interested.

It´s a vicious cycle, describing the monstrous phantoms within us, a strategic game of identity loss and change, in which Hilda becomes a projection screen for the desires of Madam Lemarchand, a rich woman whose unfulfilled ambitions depress her. She even tries to manipulate her rival Frank, Hilda´s husband, and gradually get him on her side.

Czech Republice | Author Marie N´Diaye | Director Vít Vencl

author: nwe
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