HbbTV application of Czech Radio

8. září 2020

Czech Radio's HbbTV application extends the online distribution mix by another platform, which is already available in most Czech homes and enables a comfortable listening of Czech radio stations live or recorded: the smart TV.

Listener, who have their smart TV connected to the Internet, can choose one of the two HbbTV applications on the ČRo channel by pressing the red button on the remote: visual radio or audio archive.

The visual radio enables live listening accompanied by other multimedia elements: information on programmes currently broadcast, another programme, photos of presenters, the iRozhlas.cz news bar and more. Audio archive is for listening to recordings of programmes of individual stations on demand.

The application design and graphics were developed internally in the New Media of Czech Radio, while development took place externally at Hybrid Company. The applications are expected to be further developed in 2020.


Competition category: Multimedia
Title: HbbTV application of Czech Radio
Authors: Jan Misák, Aleš Vavřík, Hybrid Company s.r.o.
Production: Czech Radio
Language of presentation: English

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