The 36th Prix Bohemia Radio Festival knows its online winners

19. říjen 2020

The 36th annual international festival of radio production Prix Bohemia Radio presented the three best authors of the works in the categories of Documentary, News Report, Drama and Multimedia at the awards ceremony.

Each listening day was awarded a Student’s Award, independent of the expert jury. The Thálie Award for the Best Acting Award in a Radio Play was given by the Presidium of the Actor's Association to Ondřej Brousek for the main role of Dmitri Shostakovich in the play Three Lives of Dmitri Shostakovich.

The Documentary competition category offers a view of the world of bird lovers, the path to your inner you and a testimony to human traumas. The final works in the international News Report section, on the other hand, introduced listeners to the issue of the Mexican-American border and to present the situation of a Romany colony in a small village close to the Hungarian capital. Dramas offered a dramatic epic, short horror story and a fairy tale. The Multimedia section had its official première this year. The second international section presented projects that make it possible to consume audio in an innovative manner and offers listeners not only sound, but also interaction with other content.

I would like to congratulate the winners and I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the organisation of the festival in this untraditional form. The mission of Prix Bohemia Radio is to increase the quality of radio productions that creates and spreads cultural values. And that is very important in these difficult times,” stated the General Director of Czech Radio, René Zavoral.

Generální ředitel Českého rozhlasu René Zavoral na vyhlášení výsledků Prix Bohemia Radio

The international expert jury awarded the following works in Prix Bohemia Radio 2020:


  1. Confession, Author: Magdaléna Trusinová
  2. After Dinner, Author: Lumír Košař
  3. Bird calling – Net – Bird-ringing – Flight, Author: Filip Jakš

News Report

  1. Anger and despair on both sides of the planned wall on the Mexican-American border, Author: Jan Kaliba, Czech Radio
  2. Dawid, Author: Agnieszka Szwajgier, Polish Radio, Poland
  3. Rather little song, Authors: Bea Kiss and Erika Farkas, MTVA, Hungary
Vyhlášení výsledků doplnilo vystoupení Clarinet Factory


  1. The Impossibles, Authors: Paul Plamper, Julian Kamphausen, Director: Aleš Vrzák, Dramaturg: Martin Velíšek, Music / Sound Design: Ladislav Železný, Sound and Technical Implementation: Tomáš Pernický
  2. That Dreadful Charm of Autumn, Author: Miloš Urban, Dramatisation: Vít Vencl, Director: Natálie Deáková, Dramaturg: Kateřina Rathouská, Music and Sound Design: Ondřej Gášek, Sound and Technical Implementation: Dominik Budil
  3. The Quest for the Plum Scent, Author: Ludvík Aškenazy, Dramatisation: Adam Svozil, Kristýna Jankovcová, Directors: Adam Svozil, Kristýna Jankovcová, Dramaturg: Lenka Veverková, Music and Sound Design: Stanislav Abrahám, Sound and Technical Implementation: Radim Dlesk


  1. Divided by Freedom, Czech Radio, Presented by: Petr Šabata, Ondřej Suchan
  2. Top News, Swedish Radio, Presented by: Olle Zachrison
  3. Luhačovice Sound Map, Luhovaný Vincent, z. s., Presented by: Magdalena Petráková

Honourable Mention: Salad bowl of Prague, Integrační centrum Praha o.p.s.

The Student Jury Awards were also awarded in the individual categories, independent of the expert juries. In the Documentary section, the award went to Alena Blažejovská for The Man Who Plants the Trees. In the international News Report category, the Student Jury Award was won by Martina Pouchlá for Onkalo. In the Drama section, the students awarded The Impossibles from author Paul Plamper and in the Multimedia category Sound Map from Luhovaný Vincent, z. s. was chosen as the best project.

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