Which works will be competing at the Prix Bohemia Radio Festival? We know the finalists

21. září 2020

Twenty-nine contributions will be competing for awards at the Prix Bohemia Radio Festival. Which documentaries, dramas, news reports and multimedia projects did the expert panel of judges select as finalists? Explore the finalist programmes in the individual categories.

Personal stories in competing documentaries

A world of bird-lovers, a journey of self-discovery, and a testimony of human trauma. The six finalist documentaries selected by the expert panel of judges present diverse topics that definitely won't bore you.

A number of competing contributions share a common theme – personal, inner stories. Daniel Moravec's audio documentary On a Journey takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery; After Dinner tells of stigma, guilt and forgiveness; and Confession is the true story of a sexually abused girl. The documentary entitled Divided by Freedom: The Sensible People of the Czech Nation offers interviews focussing on faith in values and fears of the fixed order of these values collapsing. The makers of the documentary questioned supporters and opponents initiated by the A Million Moments for Democracy movement.

Find out more about the competing works

The finalists in the individual categories can be found among the competing works on the website. There you can find detailed information about the works being presented at the Prix Bohemia Radio Festival.

Filipa Jakeš's first documentary work, Bird calling – Net – Bird-ringing – flight, which takes us into the world of bird-lovers and offers the voices of ornithologists, birds and authorial musical inputs, focusses on a somewhat different world. ZAD. Portrait of a Battle reveals the pitfalls connected with the formation of temporary autonomous zones. Looking at the development of the French movement protesting against the construction of an airport on valuable marshland territory, the author considers the conditions for the origin of such a movement as well as the basic principles that led to its disintegration.

Twelve news reports remind us of recent events

The expert panel of judges sent eight foreign news reports and four Czech ones to compete for the first three places in the festival's second category. Audio reports in two listener segments recapitulate events that took place less than one year ago. What feelings were provoked by the plan to construct a wall along the border between Mexico and the USA? What did one journalist discover when she set off on the trail of Milan Rastislav Štefánik? Have things improved for a Roma colony in a small village not far from the Hungarian metropolis?

From fairy-tales to horror in the Drama category

The Drama category offers quite a few genres. The expert panel of judges selected five Czech dramas out of the competing works, and these will join the finalists. The Quest for The Plum Scent offers a fairy-tale world, a moving story and room for the imagination. The dramatic epic by Italian writer and playwright Stefano Massini answers the question of what led to the global economic crisis in 2008. His three years of work resulted in the impressive theatre trilogy Dynasty – Lehman Brothers, which became a worldwide sensation.

Prezentace projektů před odbornou festivalovou porotou

In the play The Impossibles, we follow the hypothetical fate of three children and the situation of Hana and Gregor, a married couple and carriers of cystic fibrosis who long to have offspring. The Last Goose will take you very close to the secrets of the political kitchen. This play, whose author goes by the stage name SdCh, is a merciless mirror of social indifference and manipulability. A vivid recording of sound that creates a terrifying impression will await all those who come to listen to That Dreadful Charm of Autumn. What is more, this horror story written by Miloš Urban is based on real events.

The Multimedia category demonstrates new forms of audio consumption

Six Czech and foreign competing multimedia contributions show new ways of listening to audio, among other things. Czech Radio’s HbbTV application and Radio Sweden's Top News application offer the option of "alternative" radio-listening. The Dutch Home Smart Home project addresses the question of whether the so-called smart home affects our behaviour and relationships. Czech Radio's Divided by Freedom project addresses the question of whether Czech society is really divided.

In the last two competing contributions you can get to know interesting places and hear about interesting people. The pod-cast series Salad bowl of Prague: Voices lets you in on what it is like to move to a foreign country, struggle with the language barrier and cope with homesickness. Luhačovice has a new audio guide that takes visitors and listeners on five thematic routes connected to this spa town.

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