Darkness Therapy

5. březen 2018

The originally Tibetan technique of yangtig, in which sojourn in complete darkness is supposed to function as preparation for death, has become a “popular phenomenon” today.

It´s no wonder that the local, small-budget magazine Our Days, for which the protagonist Marek Lichý, works wants to bring its readers a reportage on this phenomenon in the aptly titled play, Darkness Therapy. If Marek weren´t forced into it by his work (and complicated turn of events) he probably wouldn´t have chosen to spend time in the darkness.

He has no expectations, but as mentioned by theunpredictable therapy provider named Vrážel,  “the darkness has called Marek” and “in the darkness, everyone experiences what they need.” The authors of Darkness Therapy, screenwriters Andrea Jarošová and Kristina Májová, succeeded with the text in the Prix Bohemia Radio Author competition.

The play was created as part of a cycle of debuts called Plays of a New Generation and both authors had the opportunity to direct their own text.

Darkness Therapy
Czech Republic| Authors Andrea Jarošová, Kristina Májová | Directors Andrea Jarošová, Kristina Májová

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