The Cremator

5. březen 2018

This is the first radio dramatization of the famous 1967 novel by Ladislav Fuks. It´s a play about how an ordinary, conforming individual, who loves his family, music, and art, becomes a monster capable of destroying even those closest to him without batting an eye.

And what´s more, he feels as though he´s saving the world. The life of a municipal crematorium worker, Karel Kopfrkingl, begins to go off the rails when his old friend, Willi Reinke, and his wife, Erna, come to visit him, both enthusiasts of Hitler´s regime and dedicated enthusiasts of uncompromising changes necessary for the happy future of humanity. Smart, crafty, and persistent manipulation can lead one to unexpected actions, which conflict with his original worldview.

Director Aleš Vrzák approached the production as a sound and music “ballad,” which amplifies moods and turning points and offers a layer of images and meanings underneath the surface of the story.

The Cremator
Czech Republic | Authors Ladislav Fuks, Lenka Veverková | Director Aleš Vrzák

author: nwe
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