Another radio legend set to join Hall of Fame

6. říjen 2022

The Radio Hall of Fame is a special award bestowed by Czech Radio’s director upon distinguished Czech Radio personalities for their contributions to radio programming and development.

The Hall of Fame contains a parade of successful and famous names in radio. Past recipients include for example radio author and journalist Josef Veselý, composer and lyricist Jan Spálený, reporter and traveler Pavla Jazairiová, Czech Radio newsman Petr Nováček, Czech Radio Brno editor Olga Jeřábková and Czech Radio presenter Jana Klusáková.   

You’ll learn this year’s winner during the gala opening of this year’s Prix Bohemia Radio festival, which is being held on Monday 10th October at the Czech Radio Olomouc starting from 7:00 p.m.

author: mav
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