A look back at the Prix Bohemia Radio 2021 festival in a few short minutes

3. březen 2022

2021 marks the 37th year of Prix Bohemia Radio – and this year the Covid pandemic was the main thread interweaving contest entries. Nevertheless, the auditoriums were filled with radio and multimedia fans.

Bold new trends enter the world of Czech audio documentaries

Public listening sessions for the Documentary category kicked off the festival’s first day. The pandemic’s presence was still clear this year, even though the 37th festival has returned to the Konvikt building at Palacký University and opened back up for the public.

This year’s entries for reportage: The magic of radio and the social effects of the pandemic

The audience, including the expert jury, listened to a total of twelve news reports, in which the effects of this contagion were reflected to varying degrees. But frustration definitely was not the order of the day. Works by both Czech and foreign creators were also there to bring laughs and melt hearts. The foreign authors included reporters from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania.

Prix Bohemia Radio will once again be bringing the best of radio productions and an extensive accompanying programme in 2021, as well. The international festival of radio productions will be returning to Olomouc from the 12th to 15th of April, 2021.

Contemporary drama gives listeners a mirror

Sombre trombones opened the festival’s third day of listening sessions. And a play about truth and conscience kicked off the Drama category’s showcase. The topics of the dramas presented this year are all distinctive for how they can disturb listeners with their urgency and echo in one’s ears.

The discussion for contemporary multimedia at Prix Bohemia Radio

The festival’s last day was about presenting and discussing projects in the Multimedia category. This year Dita Malečková, Jan Misák, Petr Uchytil, Bohuslav Stránský, and Matěj Hájek sat on the expert jury, while Ivana Veselková led participants through the day.

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