Well-known names nominated for Thálie Award

6. říjen 2022

The presentation of the Thálie Awards is an essential part of the Prix Bohemia Radio festival. This year’s nominees include David Novotný, Helena Dvořáková and Ondřej Brousek.

The Thálie Award for best acting performance in a radio play is bestowed by an Actors’ Association presidium jury. The prize will be personally presented at the festival’s opening ceremony by the well known actress Valerie Zawadská. 

Previous recipients of the prize include a number of leading Czech actors, among them Viktor Preiss, Táňa Medvecká and Pavla Tomicová. 

This year’s nominees are: David Novotný for the role of the Hitchhiker in the feature podcast Stopář (Hitchhiker), Helena Dvořáková for the role of Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, Ondřej Brousek for the role of Dr. Leopold Kopřiva in Largo Desolato, Martin Finger for the role of Antonio Salieri in Amadeus, Anita Krausová for the role of Mané in the thriller Burning and Vasil Fridrich for the role of Paul in Misery.

author: mav
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