The Prix Bohemia Radio Festival in my hometown of Olomouc is the ultimate experience for me

6. říjen 2022

Being the honorary president of the Prix Bohemia Radio Festival is a great honour. I very much appreciate the fact that I have taken over the baton from a wonderful actress and great personality, Hana Maciuchová, who has always been strongly connected with the Olomouc region. 

Prix Bohemia Radio is a festival where people who are close to words meet. And this was confirmed to me by a recent visit to a live broadcast on Czech Radio, hosted by director Vít Vencl and featuring my daughter. I was impressed and fascinated by the amount of effort and preparation by the whole team for a high-quality radio production on a Sunday night. 

I really love radio from the bottom of my soul, just as much as Olomouc, my hometown. For me personally, this interconnection provides the maximum experience, but, as I had the opportunity to see a year ago, all festival visitors feel the same way, no matter where they come from. 

I sincerely look forward to meeting you, radio lovers, again at the next edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio Festival in Olomouc.


Igor Bareš

author: mav
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