The international festival of radio production Prix Bohemia Radio announced its winners. The prestigious prize goes to twelve works from the Czech Republic and abroad

17. říjen 2022

The Prix Bohemia Radio competition show knows its winners. During the closing ceremony of the 38th edition of the festival, organized by Czech Radio in Olomouc, the expert jury announced the three best entries in each category. The traditional categories of Documentary, News Report and Drama were joined this year by the new Podcast category.

The winning works in the Documentary section present important societal issues – the spread of misinformation, the use of marijuana by minors and the system of care for children at risk. The first and second prize in the international News Report category both provide testimony about the protests in Belarus, and the jury also praised the third place powerful and complex medical story about a complicated birth. In the Drama category, the jury rewarded works offering deep insight into the psychological state of the main characters. In the new Podcast category, entries presenting topical issues and with a strong social impact became winners.

"Congratulations to the winners of the 38th edition of the Prix Bohemia Radio competition. This year the expert jury had difficult decisions to make, as many exceptional radio works were submitted. Nevertheless, they managed to select winning entries that push the horizons of contemporary radio production and offer a great listening experience. I am delighted by the plentitude of visitors, especially students, who took part in the listening days and the packed accompanying programme. I hope that the festival was a valuable experience for them," said René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

The following are the first, second and third place winners awarded by the international jury in the categories of:


  1. Truth, She Wrote, author: Tereza Reková, director: Radim Nejedlý, dramaturg: Daniel Kupšovský, sound design: Matyáš Zamazal/Tereza Reková, sound and technical realization: Michal de Diana Boro
  2. Ticking – Lenka from 13 to 33, author and director: Bronislava Janečková, dramaturg: Viola Ježková/Marek Mojžíšek, sound design: Jakub Rataj, sound and technical realization: Jitka Špálová
  3. What the Kids are Smoking, author: Robin Mayer, dramaturg: Brit Jensen/ Daniel Kupšovský/Tereza Jirásková, sound design: Zdeněk Pejchal, sound and technical realization: Michal Zelinka

News Report

  1. Relokantai: Išgyventi Minską. Baltarusių aktyvistė Olga tęsia kovą prieš režimą iš Vilniaus (Relocants: Surviving Minsk. Belarusian activist Olga fights the regime from Vilnius), author: Ieva Balsiūnaitė, LRT Radio, Lithuania
  2. Die Proteste gehen weiter / Belarus (Belarus – The Protests Continue), author: Carola Schneider, ORF Radio, Austria
  3. Komplikovaný porod koncem pánevním zvládla operátorka záchranné služby po telefonu (Complicated breech delivery managed by an ambulance operator over the phone), author: Petr Kubát / Czech Radio Radiožurnál, Czech Radio České Budějovice

Special jury mention:

Pohřeb uprchlíka na polsko-běloruské hranici (Funeral of a refugee on the Polish-Belarusian border), author: Martin Dorazín, Czech Radio

Biznes z duszą (Business with Soul), author: Agnieszka Szwajgier

Baltarusijos pasienis (Belarusian border), author: Evelina Mokšecka

Útok na kapitol (Storming of the Capitol), author: Jan Kaliba



  1. Burning, author: Sudabeh Mohafez, radio adaptation: Matěj Samec, director: Natálie Deáková, dramaturg: Lenka Veverková, music/sound design: Jakub Kudláč/Martin Kuhn, sound and technical design: Dominik Budil
  2. Uneasy, author: Klára Vlasáková, director: Natálie Deáková, dramaturg: Kateřina Rathouská, music/sound design: Ondřej Gášek aka Aleff, sound and technical design: Ondřej Gášek and Dominik Budil
  3. Silent Night, author: Paul Plamper, translation: Jana Slouková, director: Aleš Vrzák, dramaturg: Klára Novotná, music/sound design: Jan Trojan, sound and technical realization: Tomáš Pernický


  1. Uneasy, author: Klára Vlasáková, creative production and dramaturgy: Kateřina Rathouská, director: Natália Deáková, sound: Dominik Budil and Ondřej Gášek, sound design and music: Ondřej Gášek, visual design, animation, video: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
  2. Lard, author: Ridina Ahmedová, dramaturgy and technical cooperation: Veronika Ruppert, sound: Jaroslav Pokorný, music: Ridina Ahmedová and Jaroslav Pokorný, visual and art direction: Veronika Ruppert, photography: Adam Křena
  3. Czech Underworld, created by Storylab Audio in cooperation with the audio team of Seznam Zprávy, producer and director: Damian Machaj, scriptwriter: Lucie Kryzová, dramaturg: Dan Moravec, sound mixing and music: Ivan Horák and František Šec, director: Anežka Čermáková and David Pásztor

The closing ceremony of this year's Prix Bohemia Radio Festival took place on Thursday 13 October at Fort Science, the interactive science center of Palacký University in Olomouc. The gala evening was hosted by moderator Jitka Novotná and featured a musical performance by Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý.

author: bbu
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