The festival’s multimedia jury will feature experts in multimedia and the arts

1. září 2021

For the third year running, the Prix Bohemia Radio competition will include a Multimedia category. The festival thus continues to reflect today’s trend of giving content a multimedia dimension. This category is for projects that make audio accessible in an original way, offering listeners not just sound, but interaction as well.

The jurors for the Multimedia category will include Bohuslav Stránský – a graduate of Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design who freelances as a graphic and digital designer focused on projects for UI/UX and communication design. Since 1989 he has been active as an instructor of self-development courses, and later also as a teacher of teamwork courses. Since 2007 he has headed up the Digital Design studio at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín in the Faculty of Multimedia Communication, which is one of the few in the Czech Republic to focus primarily on the design of digital media and electronic publishing.

Pedagožka a filozofka Dita Malečková hostem debaty na Prix Bohemia Radio

Another jury seat will go to philosopher Dita Malečková. This university educator, who has authored a number of texts on futurism and new media, lectures on contemporary philosophy, visual culture, art, and new technologies. In recent years she has taken an interest in artificial intelligence, especially in the context of theory of mind, and imagination as well. Dita majored in philosophy and information science at Charles University.

A grand total of twenty jurors will be deciding the winners of the 37th annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival awards. Five national and international radio professionals will sit on each of the juries for the documentary, drama, reportage, and multimedia categories and decide which works will reach the main competition.

The Czech artist and co-founder of the Ztohoven artistic group Matěj Hájek is the third member of the jury. His original works straddle the borders among architecture, sculpture, and land art. He has long taken an interest in the relationship between sculpture and functions for play, which has materialized in the form of large playground projects such as the Bororo Reserve (Rezervace Bororo) at the Prague Zoo and the Pecka Playscape (Herní krajina Pecka) in Velká Úpa.

Matěj Hájek

Projects with his involvement have won awards such as the Architect Grand Prix (Grand Prix architektů) and Wooden Building of the Year (Dřevostavba roku), and a nomination for Czech Grand Design. Since October 2019, he has returned to the Academy as a grad student, studying under Tomáš Hlavina. He lives and works in Prague, where he co-founded the SKULL Creative Studio in 2020 with photographer Bet Orten. He is currently exhibiting a monumental installation, OFF FENCE, at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The competition’s results will also be in the hands of Petr Uchytil, who spent over fourteen years working in marketing, communication, and sales for radio broadcasting. He started out as a marketing manager for Regie Radio Music, the company that represents the stations Evropa2, Europa2, Frekvence1, Impuls, and later BBC/Zet in the Czech and Slovak market, as well as a number of regional stations and program networks (e.g. Kiss). Until recently he served as the marketing and sales support director for the Radiohouse media agency, where he was in charge of support for the commercial interests of Radio Blaník, the Hit radio network, and over 50 other broadcast and internet stations.

„Souboj už probíhá, společnost Spotify chce být jako rádia, ale my jí to zadarmo nedáme," říká Petr Uchytil

Today he serves as the content marketing manager at Active Group. Besides marketing and sales support for the multimedia content, he also works on program and commercial research and on social responsibility projects. He has moderated a number of radio shows, where he covers digital platforms and trends in audio broadcasting. He also regularly lectures at events within his profession and in academia. He is a graduate of the Czech University of Life Sciences (Česká zemědělská univerzita), the Charles University Faculty of Arts (Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy), and the University of Economics and Management (Vysoká škola ekonomie a managementu). He is married, with two children. He loves radio in all of its forms. As he himself likes to say: #radioisthebest.

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Rounding out the quintet of Multimedia jurors is Jan Misák. Jan arrived at Czech Radio in 2016 as a UX designer. His “path to here” included New Media Studies at the Charles University Faculty of Arts and jobs at digital marketing agencies and media institutions. He currently heads this radio station’s online products and services department. His goal is to ensure that all listeners can enjoy Czech Radio’s shows and podcasts wherever they wish to do so: via digital or online radio stations, websites, mobile-podcast and HbbTV applications, voice assistants, and other products as well.

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