The Prix Bohemia Radio international radio festival announces its winners

22. říjen 2021

Prix Bohemia Radio, a competitive showcase of international radio production, announces its winners. At Thursday’s closing gala for the 37th edition of this festival organized by Czech Radio, the expert jury announced the three best entries in each category. At the end of each listening day, a separate student jury granted its own Students’ Awards.

The Documentary contest category offered insight into bold new trends and the still-blooming podcasting scene. The finalist entries in the international News Report section captured the magical power of radio and the social impacts of the pandemic, while the Drama works stood out by disturbing viewers through their urgency. Meanwhile the newest international category, Multimedia, brings a number of innovative and inspiring projects that have great development potential now and in the future.

“Besides a chance to listen to exceptional works, this year brought a great series of side events. I’d like to congratulate the winners and the festival partners, and I look forward to meeting in Olomouc again with our renewed fall timing,” stated René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

The jury of domestic and international experts granted awards to the three best entries in each category:

Documentary Category

  1. Anatomy of Fear: Radio [Anatomie strachu: Rádio], authors: Brit Jensen and Jiří Slavičínský; Audionaut
  2. Pohřešovaná [The Missing Girl], author: Petr Hátle; Audionaut
  3. Té noci pes neštěkal – Prázdný dům [The dog didn´t bark that night – Empty House], author: Bronislava Janečková, Czech Radio

News Report Category

  1. Po autech v brněnské pěší zóně zůstala pachuť: Silniční zkratka přes centrum se vrací chodcům [The aftertaste left by cars in the Brno pedestrian zone: The road shortcut through the center ret] Tomáš Kremr, Czech Radio
  2. Reportažas iš COVID pacientus slaugančių Lietuvos ligninių [Report from Lithuanian Hospitals Taking Care of the COVID-19 Infected Patients], author: Edita Vitė, LRT, Lithuania
  3. Niesiemy Dobro [We Bring Charity], author: Magdalena Świerczyńska-Dolot, Radio Gdańsk, Poland

Drama Categor

  1. Černá voda [Black Water], author: Roland Schimmelpfennig, director: Aleš Vrzák,
    editor / script editor: Klára Novotná, music composer / sound designer: Jan Trojan, sound and technical design: Tomáš Pernický
  2. Nauka o afázii [A Study of Aphasia], authors: Katharina Schmitt, Michal Rataj,
    director: Katharina Schmitt, editor / script editor: Kateřina Rathouská, music composer / sound designer: Michal Rataj, 
    sound and technical design: Michal Rataj, Tomáš Pernický
  3. Skořápka [Nutshell], author: Ian McEwan, dramatization: Eva Blechová, script editor: Klára Novotná, director: Natálie Deáková, music composer / sound design: Jakub Kudláč, Miroslav Tóth, sound and technical design: Jitka Špálová

Multimedia Category

  1. Nie Słyszę [I Can’t Hear], authors: Katarzyna Michalak, Magdalena Świerczyńska-Dolot, Radio Lublin
  2. mujRozhlas, authors: the mujRozhlas team, Czech Radio
  3. Důkaz 111 [Proof 111], authors: Tomáš Oramus, Vladimír Mareček, Michal Zátopek, PlayByEars s.r.o.

Honorable mention: MDR Kandidatencheck [MDR Candidate Check], authors: Olaf Kische, Ines Klein, Julia Rubner – Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR)

Student Jury Awards were presented in the individual categories independently from the expert jury as well. Tereza Reková won the Documentary category award with her work Moje kamarádka Zuzka [My Friend Zuzka]. In the Reportage international category, Polish author Magdalena Świerczyńska-Dolot received the Student Jury Award for Niesiemy Dobro [We Bring Charity]. In the Drama section, the students provided their award to Děti pekla [Children of Hell], a play by Austrian author Gabriela Köglová, and Proof 111 was chosen as the best project in the Multimedia category.

Jitka Novotná emceed the celebratory conclusion to this year’s Prix Bohemia Radio international festival. The event was held at Pevnost Poznání – Fort Science – in Olomouc. For the attendees of this gala evening award ceremony for the 37th edition of the festival sang Dan Bárta.

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