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15. říjen 2023

I am extremely pleased that Radio Thalia Award’s credit continues to grow! I am especially pleased this year, when the Thalia Award celebrates its thirtieth anniversary.

The original Radio Award is older, I know, and it has always had enormous prestige and was seen by actors as one of the greatest awards they could achieve in their time. I am glad that the great tradition has merged with the modern tradition of the Thalia Award - and together they are one of the most prestigious artistic awards ever.

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I realise more and more how important it is to maintain traditions. It always has been the case, but today especially so - today, in an age that is often aware - or rather is not aware - of where quality is and is not. Quality not born "out of nothing", "out of chance", but related precisely to many years of honest professional work.

The Prix Bohemia Awards are the safeguards of quality and I am glad that, in conjunction with the Thalia Awards, they become the protectors of real values.     

Ondřej Kepka, actor and director, President of the Actors' Association

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