Charity shops in poverty

22. září 2021

We have been making the programs for many years about Ms Aranka Áncsán. In her footsteps there is always much help just like in the fairy tales. She, being director of the children’s home in the village Tiszadob, has become the ’Mum’ of many hard-fated children in hopeless situation.

Aranka has become known in Hungary as one of her children from the children’s home won a talent show on a commercial tv channel. Ibolya Oláh is a well-known singer and supporter of charity events. The innovation of the Fire-tying Association (Tűzcsiholó Egyesület) is that both the foreign and Hungarian donations are sold in small villages and all these products like clothes, shoes, pots, bed-linen, furnitures of high quality are availabe for very cheap price.

A great bonus that it creates also jobs in these small villages highly affected by unemployment. The surprisingly high income supports the former children of Aranka Áncsán, who were in state care, and their families (currently there are 75 families). The radio program presents the day before the opening of the newest Swallow Charity Shop (Fecske Adománybolt).

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Competition category: News Report
Title in English: Charity shops in poverty
Original title: Adományboltok a Tisza vidéken
Author: Bea Kiss
Length (in minutes): 9:55
Original language: Hungarian
Name of station which broadcast the program: MTVA (Hungary)

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