A look back at the Prix Bohemia Radio 2022 festival in a few short minutes

17. únor 2023

2022 marks the 38th year of Prix Bohemia Radio – and this year the spread of misinformation, the protests in Belarus or works presenting topical issues with a strong social impact were the main thread interweaving contest entries. 

This year's competition documentaries attempted to unravel conspiracy theories and the nature of human happiness

The first day of the festival belonged to documentaries. In total, six works by local authors were presented to the audience in the packed Theatre hall at the Konvikt. The works were evaluated by Czech jurors David Koubek, Markéta Nešlehová and Michal Cáb. They were joined by award-winning German journalist Sven Preger and Swedish documentary filmmaker Ylva Lindgren, who has worked in the documentary department of Swedish Radio for 25 years. The discussion was moderated by documentary filmmaker Ivan Studený.

What is sexual violence and what forms can it take? This topic was the subject of a debate on the first day of the festival in the Olomouc Theatre Divadlo na cucky, as part of the new podcast series Hranice násilí.

The competition News Report focused mainly on the turbulent events in Eastern Europe

During the second listening day, the peaceful times in Kiev were recalled, the internal and external tensions of the Lukashenko regime were addressed, and the audience's attention was captured by a report on a complicated birth led by a telephone operator.

A new episode of the Czech Radio Plus podcast Waiting for the President, hosted by Jan Pokorný, was recorded in the premises of Konvikt.

How to create tension in audio documentaries? The secrets of storytelling were revealed to the participants of the workshop in the building of Czech Radio in Olomouc by Sven Pregere.

For the competition drama category, the jury highlighted the imaginative sound design and precise acting performances

Wednesday's Prix Bohemia Radio programme presented five competition dramas. The theme that ran through all the works was various forms of psychological disorders or family traumas.

The festival evening was in the name of autumn melancholy performed by the Czech diva Never Sol. The singer presented a wide chamber set at the Czech Radio Vltava Concert and talked about her news and plans.

In Olomouc's Jazz Tibet Club, visitors enjoyed the evening with well-known podcast creators such as Vinohradská 12, Master Course and Potato with a Egg.

The podcast category has attracted attention with a wide range of topics

Thursday's festival day belonged to podcasts. The new category of the Czech podcast scene at Prix Bohemia Radio was introduced by Iva Jonášová, the program's guarantor.

Of all the festival categories, the podcast category attracted the largest number of authors. However, only ten of them were nominated for the shortlist based on the selection of the expert jury, which included Barbora Vičarová, Adam Javůrek, Roman Štětina, Filip Rožánek and international member Peter Hanák.

In the evening, the festival was crowned with a closing ceremony.

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