In the year 2008 there is a lot of important anniversaries of the Czech history

22. září 2010

We all will remind them together with radio producers who will come to Poděbrady on 30 September 2008 to asses programmes registered in three categories of this year International Festival of Radio Production Prix Bohemia Radio.

There are 24registered programmes in the category Year 2008 - Year of "eight" anniversaries. For the first time jury members of the national categories will be foreigners, particularly Slovaks. I am glad about this fact as at that time of historic events we lived together in one country, the Czechoslovakia. Furthermore, the Slovak Radio is our closest partner and we are happy to co-operate.

In the international category there are programmes representing countries such as Spain, Korea, Egypt, Rumania, Turkey, Sweden and others. I am wondering about how the Czech production will compete with other international programmes. I cannot forget to mention the category of radio plays which promises very interesting discussions and artistic experiences.

I look forward to meeting participants, jury members and all festival guests. I wish all the best to participants and good luck to all organisers.

Václav Kasík
Director General
Czech Radio

author: nwe
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