Thirteen Entries from Five Countries to Compete in the International Report Category

10. únor 2017

In the new international Report Category of this year’s Prix Bohemia Radio, Czech Radio will be represented by four reports selected by the jury members: News and Current Affairs Director, Jan Pokorný; Radiožurnál Editor-in-Chief, Ondřej Suchan; ČRo Plus Editor-in-Chief, Ondřej Nováček; News and Current Affairs Editor-in-Chief; Martin Ondráček, and Head of Creative Team for Documentaries, Daniel Moravec.

The jury assessed especially the entries’ significance in the society-wide context, the originality of the topic, the approach to production, comprehensiveness of sources, balance, work with sound, and, last but not least, the reporter’s level of expression.

Out of the total of 33 reports entered within Czech Radio, the following were selected:

Tomáš Jelen – Illegal Gambling in Brn, oĽubomír Smatana – A Hut in Hradišťko Concentration Camp, Jan Suchan – Boženka, Jan Šmíd – Calais, where the journey ends …

The competition allowed participants to enter a radio news report of the maximum length of 30 minutes broadcast between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016 by a broadcaster in the area of the Visegrad Four, i.e. the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, and in the area of the invited broadcasters. For 2017 the German Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk was invited.

The four Czech Radio finalists were joined by two reports of each partnership public radio of the Visegrad Four: RTVS (Slovakia), MTVA (Hungary), Polskie radio (Poland) and MDR (Germany).

Roman Nuck: Hi there, neighbour, Mitteldeutscher Rundfund

Jan Šmíd: Calais, where the journey ends …, Czech Radio

Tomáš Jelen: Illegal Gambling in Brno, Czech Radio

Dagmar Mozolová: Homeless Drug Addicts, RTVS

Alicja Grembowicz: Sounds and smells, Polskie Radio

Ľubomír Smatana: A Hut in Hradišťko Concentration Camp, Czech Radio

Agnieszka Czyżewska Jacquemet a Katarzyna Michalak: Marble and children, Radio Lublin

Silvio Zschage: „Zum Frühstück nach Prag“, Mitteldeutscher Rundfund

István Domokos: The Boys of Budapest, MTVA

Ewelina Karpacz-Oboładze: Tapecutter, Polskie Radio

István Domokos: The Heroes of Brussels, MTVA

Jan Suchan: Boženka, Czech Radio

Ivica Ruttkayová: Brussels Trusts Life, RTVS

The winners of the first three places will be chosen by the international jury of experts during a public listening day, which is Tuesday, 21 March 2017, in Olomouc. Thanks to the support by the International Visegrad Fund the winners will receive financial prizes in the amounts of EUR 1.500, 1.000 and 500.

Report Category Jury Members will be:
Emily Thompson (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
Klára Stejskalová (Czech Republic)
Rastislav Šimášek (Slovakia)
Andrzej Brzoska (Poland)
Erika Farkas (Hungary)

In the Documentary and Drama categories, the authors entered a total of 33 documentaries and 18 plays. Out of this number, the jury of experts will be selecting the finalists, whose names will be known on 20 February.

author: nwe
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