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7. březen 2012

Life at the start (international category)

Libor Vacek – předseda (Czech Republic)
Journalist, economist, communication and voice education lecturer

After he had finished his studies at the University of Economics in Prague, Libor worked for 14 years in the Czech Radio, in the years 1993-1997 as a chief editor of Czech Radio 2 – Praha. Further, he worked in the Czech Television, for Economic newspaper and as a spokesman of several governmental institutions. Currently he is a Deputy Director of School Inspectorate. He cooperates with the Czech Radio as a lecturer of voice education of starting editors.

Andrea Hanáčková (Czech Republic)
Document maker, playwright and pedagogue

As a freelancer Andrea has been working for the Czech Radio since 1992. She makes radio documents and features, writes literal scripts and fairy tales. She also teaches about a radio art at the Philosophical Faculty of the Palackého University in Olomouc. She is interested in documentary genres, current Czech and world features and projects genres across media. She likes those things which are “off limits”. Her other interests include her three children, family puppet theatre and Waldorf pedagogy.

Andrea Hanáčková

Jana Grajciarová (Slovak Republic)
Moderator, editor
She graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Banska Bystrica, specialization in Slovak language and Teaching. She started her career as an external co-worker for Radio Rebeca in Martin where she was preparing a humouristic programme. Since December 2003 she has been working with Slovak Radio (now Radio and Television of Slovakia) in Banska Bystrica as presenter and editor. She is preparing different current affairs programmes for regional broadcasting and broadcasting for children (programme “Halabala“).

Janka Grajciarová

Katarzyna Michalak (Poland)
Moderator, reporter
Katarzyna has been working for the Polish Radio – Regional Broadcasting Station Radio Lublin S.A. (Documentary Department) since 2001. In years 2002 - 2003 she participated in EBU Master School on Radio Documentary (first edition). Since 2011 she has been a member of the EBU Radio Features Project Group. She does not only make features but also tries to promote this radio genre especially among young people. She is a presenter of two series: “Reportage Café” (presentation of documentaries) and “The Academy of Listening” (presentation of journalism students´ work). Katarzyna’s most significant prizes: Prix Europe 2005, Prix Italia 2006 (Documentary Category) and 2009 (Work on Music Category).

Katarzyna Michalak

Laurince Grissel (Great Britain)
Laurence Grissell is a producer in the Documentaries Unit at BBC Radio. He started in radio in 1998, working first in local radio before moving to BBC Radio 4, the UK's leading speech network, in 2000. He secured a permanent position in the BBC Radio Documentaries Unit in 2003. He has won the gold award for best documentary at the Third Coast Festival in Chicago, a Sony Radio Academy Award in the UK, best documentary at the Foreign Press Association and a media award from the UK's major mental health charity. He has also been shortlisted for the Prix Italia.

Laurence Grissell


Veronika Šindelková - secretary

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